How an Indian Company Ensures the World Gets to Watch MotoGP Bharat and 80000 Other Sporting Events

MotoGP Bharat: The roar of superbikes pushing their limits at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida is a spectacle that captures the hearts of racing enthusiasts worldwide. But behind the scenes, an unsung hero, Tata Communications, plays a crucial role in ensuring that every thrilling moment is broadcast seamlessly to fans across the globe. Let’s delve into how this Indian company employs cutting-edge technology to make it all happen.

A World of Sporting Action: MotoGP Bharat

The Buddh International Circuit is currently hosting the inaugural MotoGP Bharat races, a significant event that has the world’s attention. Yet, amidst the screeching tires and breathtaking maneuvers, the true marvel lies in the massive data processing and technological prowess that enables the global broadcast of every single frame of the action. This feat is masterminded by Tata Communications, the connectivity provider not only for MotoGP but also for a multitude of international sporting events.

Dhaval Panda, Global Head of Media and Entertainment Services at Tata Communications, sheds light on their role. “MotoGP is a sport where technology is passionately developed, especially in areas like onboard cameras. Our responsibility begins as soon as video is captured. It’s our task to employ technology to reliably transmit this video to the producers.” This might sound straightforward, but it involves synthesizing final feeds from numerous onboard cameras, scores of video streams from the venue, and even aerial footage from drones and helicopters.

How an Indian Company Ensures the World Gets to Watch MotoGP Bharat and 80000 Other Sporting Events
How an Indian Company Ensures the World Gets to Watch MotoGP Bharat and 80000 Other Sporting Events

Overcoming Technological Challenges

Transmitting video from high-speed bikes traveling at over 100 miles per hour is a formidable challenge. Ponda points out that maintaining video quality and synchronization under such circumstances requires months of dedicated work, utilizing local private 5G deployment and cutting-edge technology to achieve the lowest latency and 4K quality. This unwavering commitment to perfection exemplifies the level of detail that goes into broadcasting the sport.

The Nerve Center

Located amidst the cacophony of the racecourse, Tata Communications’ broadcast compound comprises pods and cabins that manage the hundreds of feeds required by their global broadcast partners. In their climate-controlled control center, a team of 4-5 experts monitors the master feeds. These feeds are then uplinked to the production facility in Barcelona, Spain, ensuring that the International Programme Feed reaches nearly 80% of the broadcasters airing the races live. Some VIP broadcast partners conduct their recording at the venue and directly uplink to their stations, primarily based in Europe.

Mobility and Adaptability

What makes Tata Communications truly remarkable is their ability to adapt swiftly. Given the hectic schedule of MotoGP races, they must dismantle and move their entire setup from one venue to another via air freight. Ponda explains, “For the Noida leg, which started Friday, the rig arrived exactly a week before and was up and running in two days.” The plug-and-play design at the unit level eliminates the need for extensive reconfiguration. The control center continuously monitors equipment, including temperature, latency, and jitter. Additionally, a UPS backup ensures three hours of uninterrupted operation before switching to a generator if needed.

Embracing Challenges

Tackling new locations, such as Noida, always presents unique challenges. Ponda notes, “A new venue means new opportunities for broadcasting, with additional content that was previously untapped.” Tata Communications invests significant time and resources in adapting infrastructure to support high-quality live video and audio, even at established venues like the Buddh International Circuit.

How an Indian Company Ensures the World Gets to Watch MotoGP Bharat and 80000 Other Sporting Events

Three-Pronged Strategy for Success: MotoGP Bharat

With numerous variables and zero room for error, Ponda credits their success to a well-honed strategy. He emphasizes three critical components: empowering individuals at the frontline to make informed decisions, an unwavering commitment to cutting-edge technology, and a focus on creating systems that automatically correct issues, essential in the fast-paced world of sports broadcasting. This approach ensures that over 80,000 sporting events reach billions of screens worldwide throughout the year.

Racing Across Continents: MotoGP Bharat

MotoGP Bharat: As the MotoGP races conclude in Noida, Tata Communications wastes no time. Within hours, their equipment and technology are packed and flown to Japan, where the next race awaits, starting on Friday.

In the high-speed world of MotoGP and global sports broadcasting, Tata Communications stands as a testament to Indian innovation and technological excellence, ensuring that the world never misses a moment of sporting action.


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